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Rideshare drivers

Earn extra cash

Each month

Get a free tablet.

Improve your tips

& ratings. Earn cash.


Free for Drivers

We've got you covered. VueBoxes always come free of charge.

Easy to Use

Easy delivery and 30-second set-up make VueBox ideal for drivers.

Start earning today!

Earn cash, increase ratings, and boost tips just by having your VueBox available to passengers.

In 2019 alone, rideshares saw over 150 billion minutes

of untapped opportunities for engagement

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What is a Vuebox?

A Vuebox is a device that sits on top of your car’s center console. It includes a tablet that streams content for your passengers' enjoyment.

How do I get one?

Submit your information on the homepage. We will contact you and send you a fully equipped Vuebox after reviewing your information. Make sure your car has a center console before submitting an application.

Does it cost money?

Vuebox is free for drivers. Sometimes we ask for a $150 security deposit to cover any damages or losses caused by you. We return the security deposit when you want to stop using VueBox and send the Vuebox back to us. Your deposit is NOT affected by any damages/thefts caused by passengers. We only ask that you report any thefts or damages to us with the passenger’s Uber/Lyft information after filing a police report.

Am I responsible for damages?

You are not responsible for any damages or thefts caused by passengers. We only ask that you report any damages or thefts to Uber/Lyft and the police. Just give us the police report number and the Lyft/Uber case ID with the passenger’s Uber/Lyft information and we will work to replace your VueBox. If you do not report damages or thefts, you are liable to lose your deposit.

What if I rent my car or switch cars frequently?

You can switch cars as much as you like - just make sure your next car has a center console that fits your VueBox!

How does Vuebox make money?

Advertisers pay us to put their content on our tablets. We split the profits with you.

How do I make money?

We record the amount of time you spend rideshare driving with VueBox and pay you accordingly. Full-time drivers can make up to $100 per month. We also pay drivers $25 for each referral they complete.